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Former Classmate, Hilarie Hurt (Straka) will be featured in a story line in a Hallmark movie this Sunday (December 7th).  Hilarie is Assistant Principal at Tritt Elementary School in Marietta, GA.  Twelve years ago Hilarie hired a teacher that no one else would hire because he had Tourette Syndrome.  The teacher, Brad, was rejected by 24 schools and then hired by Hilarie at Tritt, his 25th school.  He was such a special teacher Hilarie wrote an award for him for the best first year teacher.  He won for the state of GA.  He then continued to work with Hilarie and got his Master’s and specialist degrees.   He decided to write a book called, FRONT OF THE CLASS.  The book was a hit and they were asked to appear on Oprah 2 years ago.  Brad then sold the rights to the book to Hallmark and his movie will be aired on Dec. 7th on CBS.  Patricia Heaton plays Brad’s mother and an unknown actress plays Hilarie.   Hilarie flew to KS City to see the movie at Hallmark Headquarters and will be flying out to LA with her husband, Jim and daughter Mallory for the premier on Dec 4th.  FRONT OF THE CLASS will air December 7th on CBS!!   Congratulations, Hilarie!!  Go to Oprah Interview!!!

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